Prairie Mobile is a proud supporter to our Public Safety Departments. We offer Repair Service, Radios and Accessories designed to operate on specific public safety networks across Canada. As to date each province is supported by its own proprietary network.  
Alberta: AFRRCS  Mobiles

  • Kenwood NX-5700/NX-5800/NX-5900


  • Kenwood NX-5200/NX-5300/NX-5400

Saskatchewan:  PPSTN- Harris Portable  
Manitoba: PSCS Mobiles

  • APX 1500 
  • APX 4500


  • APX2000
  • APX 8000
  • APX6000
  • APX600XE

Ontario: PSRN- Picture of PSE vehicle

Remote Speaker Microphone (RMS) Accessories