Join me in celebrating our 50th Anniversary in business this year. Our Golden Anniversary is not only a cause for celebration, it is an opportunity to strengthen relationships and build connections with our people, our vendors, and customers, as well as, within our communities.

Reflecting on these last five decades, I am appreciative of the opportunities we’ve had, the relationships we’ve built and the connections we’ve made. Fifty years ago, my father founded this company in a small two-bay garage in rural Manitoba. It was his entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity that created a strong foundation for us to become the successful company we are today. His hard work and dedication during those early years enable our initial success and set the tempo for our continued success. Wireless technologies and the industry on a whole has evolved dramatically over the past 50 years. We’ve embraced digital technology, advancements in two-way radio functionality and design, WiFi, the Internet of Things (IoT), social networking, Smartphones, wearable technology and much more.

As I contemplate our future over the next 50 years, we will continue to embrace technology. I am also confident that our focused commitment to creating connections will play a significant role in our continued success. Maintaining a culture of connection to and with each other is important to me. It inspires us to be and do better. It motivates us to innovate by sharing ideas and experiences. It brings value to our everyday lives. It also binds our culture of connecting with our reputation for customer service excellence. We continue to build and invest in our company, in the relationships we’ve built and will build, in the products and services we provide to our valued customers and in developing our people. Many thanks to our:

  • Customers for your belief in our ability to help you achieve your communication goals. I am appreciative and honoured to work with you.
  • Team members for your dedication and efforts in helping us achieve this milestone. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a group of talented and passionate people.
  • Partners for your product innovations, collaboration and continued support that delivers a positive impact on our customer businesses.

I look forward to celebrating this anniversary with you and honouring the wealth of experience and wisdom that we have gained in our first 50 years. And, I am excited to see what the next 50 years will bring as we continue grow and innovate, embrace change and expand our footprint.